Thursday, November 22, 2007

Reading schedule for the next section

We ended the last reading block after the second chapter of the Melchester section. Now we'll read from there all the way to the end of the Part Fourth, which is around page 260 in most versions of the book, so it's about 120 pages of reading from where we left off.

Plan to finish that section by Nov. 30 and we'll have the comment period on Dec. 1-2.

Also, if you're participating in this club then you should really plan to give your comments after each reading block. If some of you REALLY don't want to comment then you don't have to, but the point of this club is to get the discussion going so everyone's thoughts are important. Don't be shy.

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gramyflys said...

Well,it is December 2 and I don't see any comments...I finished the book a long time ago, and now I can't remember which section is which, since I already returned it to the library! But I am waiting to hear from some you book clubbers so I can hear what you thought of this section. I am afraid that I think poor Jude is a dough-head for falling in and out of love so unresponsibly with both girls...I love a romantic man, but he is ridiculous! I usually cheer for the underdog, and have been doing so for Jude all along, but at this point, he needs to make some better decisions so he can stop trying to dig out of his mistakes!!!